Your wedding or event  is  a milestone in your lifetime.  We provide realistically priced services to capture every  phase of your  celebration. We photograph  with careful planning to meet your expectations.

We will meet with you and determine  what  images  you need to capture your  memories forever. We will have an  approved image list prior to the  event and each photo session.

In this way you are able to  preserve  this happy day  within the  budget you have predetermined. 

We have two experienced  photographers to adequately  cover all phases of your wedding. We provide a photojournalist approach to  document  the event. But we  know that there are special  classical shots that require  more careful preparation. Also a  female photographer is available  for maternity , boudoir,  and dressing room sequences . 

Weddings and events move at a quick pace and our customers are routinely surprised that we capture scenes not noticed  by  the most of  the participants. We will  freeze these special moments in time whether shooting  candid telephoto shots from a distance or  by posing  you and your guests  for classical shots with  natural or studio lighting. 

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